Working time

8.00 AM - 11:00 PM

Delivery Time

The tailoring and handling time is the number of business days we will take to process your items before shipping them. This processing includes order verification, item manufacturing, quality checking and packaging. This does not include the shipping time.

Different items and categories have different tailoring and handling times. However, on each item page the information is displayed next to the item photo as shown in the picture below.


Product Type Process Time Delivery Time
In Stock Prints 24 hours America/Canada/France:7-10 business days
Australia:6-8 business days
United States:6-9 business days
Russia/Other Country:7-15 business days
Special Order Prints 1-2 business day
Customized Prints 1-2 business day

Note your order will arrive based on process time+delivery time.For example,if your order is in stock prints,process time 1day+your country delivery time 7days,then your can receive your package in 8days.